A sports event organised by Handicaps Solidaires Luxembourg Sport and solidarity in Luxembourg and with the Burkina Faso

By offering a sport activity available to all the sportspeople and giving priority to the creation of teams including a teammate with disability, the organizers of Solirunbike want to promote solidarity among all athletes.

This solidarity with less valid people is also expressed on an international scale. Especially towards children in Burkina Faso, who suffer from a disability resulting from a serious illness such as Noma (lightning gangrene causing severe facial mutilation). The funds raised through the Solirunbike are aimed to support the actions taken taken by the association “Back to Sport” in Luxembourg and the Fondation L’Hymne aux Enfants in Burkina Faso.

Sport at the heart of a solidarity-friendly event

The organisation of a sports challenge where teammates cross the finish line together reflects the values defended by Handicaps Solidaires Luxembourg. Three values are at the heart of Solirunbike.

  • Team spirit
    Running, cycling and especially … mutual help to cross the finish line together. Put team spirit into practice and share the pleasure of helping each other in the challenge.
  • Solidarity
    Show solidarity between all the sportspeople in a common challenge. Contribute to solidarity with children affected by sickness and poverty, who benefit from the donations collected by the teams.
  • Conviviality
    Participate in the race, support a team, relax around a drink, Solirunbike is the opportunity to meet to share a pleasant moment.

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